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Structure, Classification, And Functions Of Carbohydrates

If the monomer and polymer are not mutually soluble, the bulk reaction mixture will be heterogeneous. The higher pressure absolutely free radical method for the manufacture of low density polyethylene is an instance of such reactions. This polyethylene is branched due to the fact of self-branching processes illustrated in reaction (six-89). This lengthy, almost nonstop molecule is called a polymer (from the Greek which means “many parts”). The original part—ethylene—is named the monomer (which means “one part”). A polymer is an example of a macromolecule, the name provided to a significant molecule.

Due to the fact we devote a very good deal of our days sitting and not getting active, even when we’re picking out whole foods we can still consume far more energy than our physique requirements. In truth, the overconsumption of carbohydrate in excess of the body’s wants is where we fall into ill wellness. Excess carbohydrate intake locations a large metabolic load on the body. When the physique continuously has higher levels of blood sugars to deal with more than time, this leads to weight gain, poor metabolic well being and an improved danger of heart illness. These uncomplicated sugars that consist of minerals and vitamins exist typically in milk, fruits, and vegetables.

Importantly, in our research, the oxidation efficiency of drinks containing carbohydrates that use unique transporters for intestinal absorption was greater than for drinks with a single carbohydrate supply. Therefore, compared to a single supply of carbohydrate, ingesting numerous carbohydrate sources outcomes in a smaller sized amount of carbohydrate remaining in the intestine, and osmotic shifts and malabsorption might be decreased. This probably implies additional info that drinks with many transportable carbohydrates are significantly less likely to cause gastrointestinal discomfort. Interestingly, this is a consistent acquiring in research that have attempted to evaluate gastrointestinal discomfort throughout exercise (Jentjens et al., 2004abc, 2005b, 2006 Wallis et al., 2007). Subjects tended to feel less bloated with the glucose plus fructose drinks compared to drinking glucose options.

JEEJEEBHOY et al. gave sequential infusions of non-protein calories either as glucose, or 83% as lipid (+17% glucose), with a continuous administration of amino acids (1 g/kg/d). In spite of these two really various metabolic conditions, the nitrogen balance with each kinds of remedy was positive to a comparable degree. This study clearly shows that not only glucose, but also exogenous lipid can spare protein and induce nitrogen retention. The obtaining that nitrogen retention for the duration of lipid infusion happens with low insulin plasma levels indicates that mechanisms distinct from insulin action are responsible for the protein-sparing action. The efficacy of intravenous infusions of fat emulsion in improving nitrogen economy has also been reported by WOLFE et al. and BARK et al. . In theory, it appears like a undesirable notion to restrict carbohydrates because of the stressful burden it puts on the physique.

A disaccharide is any carbohydrate produced up of two monosaccharides that are joined covalently by an O-glyosidic bond. During this condensation reaction, a hydroxyl group of a single monosaccharide combines with one more hydrogen atom, forming and releasing a water molecule . The digestion of starch into two-glucose units by enzyme amylase types maltose.

Those who followed a high- or low-carbohydrate eating plan had a higher threat of premature death. It was those who ate a moderate quantity of carbs — 50 to 55 percent of their every day calories — who had the lowest risk of death. Much more than that, these who ate a lot of animal protein have been the ones who had larger mortality compared with those who ate plant foods. The sort of meals counts more than the macronutrient content material. The carbs in some foods bring about the blood sugar level to rise extra rapidly than other people.

Study Far more In each and every other’s presence, the distinctive varieties of amino acid molecules undergo chemical reactions that make them bond together and kind larger molecules. Scientists refer to molecules that go via these accumulating reactions as monomers. Given that they come from chains of monomers, proteins are also recognized as polymers. To qualify as proteins, amino acid chains will have to contain far more than about 30 individual acids.

Carb intake from processed grains, potatoes, and added sugars might enhance the danger of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular illness, and some cancers. Having said that, non-starchy vegetables, whole fruits, legumes, and whole-grains have been shown to be healthful. Carbs are an fantastic source of energy for active folks, but sedentary men and women need to limit their carbohydrate intake to keep an ideal weight. The encouraged daily quantity of carbs for the typical adult is 130 grams, or in between 45% and 65% of your total calorie intake. You can normally recognize which foods you consume contain carbohydrates by checking if there is an -ose word in the ingredients. Glucose, fructose, and lactose are some frequent carbohydrates that are found in foods such as fruits or milk.

For instance, switching processed carbohydrates and refined sugars with unprocessed versions is considerably healthier. Carbohydrates are the human body’s most important supply of power, yet, they are also blamed for the rise in obesity, metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular disease. But there are distinct variations involving the different carbohydrates we consume.

The uptake of glucose in the GI tract seems to be restricted by its intestinal uptake by means of SGLT1. As fructose is transported over the intestinal membrane through a distinct transporter protein, it has been reported that the combined ingestion of glucose and fructose can additional raise the capacity to absorb exogenous CHO. Consequently, combining the ingestion of fructose and glucose can augment intestinal CHO uptake, increase post-prandial glucose availability, and raise exogenous carbohydrate oxidation rates by 40–50%.

They also had their blood drawn at baseline and at the conclusion of the test and supplied urine samples There was a 7 day washout period amongst the tests. “I would say we do not have fantastic evidence of extended-term adverse effects. We know that a lot of folks are on the Atkins diet, and we do not see any genuine reports of issues,” he said. But whether a low carb diet plan is hazardous to overall health may possibly seriously be dependent on the person.

They may well be classified according to their degree of polymerization, and may perhaps be divided initially into 3 principal groups, namely sugars, oligosaccharides and polysaccharides. Refined grains are foods that have had some parts of the grains removed. This also removes some of the nutrients that are good for your well being. The link involving carbs and form two diabetes is well-established, but new analysis suggests that cutting carbs could assistance minimize danger for those who might be susceptible to creating the situation. It is exciting to note that two crucial enzymes involved in carbohydrate metabolism, amylase and glucose-six-phosphate dehydrogenase, collectively with an enzyme involved in fat digestion, lipase, show no temperature compensation.

When the monosaccharides glucose, fructose and galactose are absorbed by way of the modest intestine and enter the liver, considerably of the fructose and galactose is tuned into glucose. Healthcare issues that can outcome from too small dietary fiber. We need to have energy to do every little thing we do, regardless of whether we assume about it or not, like going for a walk, operating or sleeping. Even when we do not believe about it, our body is busy keeping our heart pumping, blood flowing and lungs working. We require even additional power when we are expanding, having effectively and pumping up. Combustion occurs when any organic material is reacted in the presence of oxygen to give off the products of carbon dioxide and water and Energy.

Glucose in the blood is taken up into your body’s cells and utilized to make a fuel molecule named adenosine triphosphate through a series of complicated processes known as cellular respiration. The term “monomer” only has which means in the context of discussing polymerization. A polymer is a molecular chain exactly where the hyperlinks of the chain are repeated identical or a least equivalent units. Examples where the units are idential would be polypropylene, polyvinylchloride and polysiloxane. D-Allulose, a low-calorie rare sugar with numerous physiological functions, is mostly made via the isomerization of D-fructose by ketose three-epimerases , which exhibit a variety of substrate specificities. A novel KEase from a Clostridia bacterium was identified to be a D-allulose 3-epimerase and was further characterized as thermostable and metal-dependent.

React Helmet Tutorials With Examples

Please send us a e-mail or get in touch with the closest licensed dealer retailer near by you. We hope you can have the greatest safety and riding expertise with ZEUS HELMETS. To make most effective use of our assistance, try on as quite a few as helmets feasible that are in your value range.

Hybrid shells will have a lot more vents due to the adaptability of their style. Typically, these vents will be adjustable by either dial or track system. Hybrid helmets are made by fusing protective challenging plastic layers to the outside of an injection molded shell.

Any Specialized dealer will give you 20% off retail value of a new helmet if you bring in your old 1. Nonetheless, you are probably to obtain a previous season’s helmet on sale at a deeper discount. As match is vitally critical for protection, we only considered helmets offered in two or a lot more sizes. There is also some thing named “universal sizing,” which means the helmet comes in only a single size, as opposed to small, medium, or massive. Helmets are the most essential motorcycle accessories which guard you in some of the most unexpected scenarios. It really is always vital to wear a excellent top quality helmet though venturing out on a two-wheeler motor vehicle.

Significant brands like 3M and Miller sell flip-up helmets at a high cost, making them inaccessible to DIYers and modest shop fabricators. Even web site so, the YesWelder 900B provides a flip-up visor at a price tag new welders can afford. That suggests you don’t have to take away the helmet involving the welds.

They offer enhanced aerodynamics for riders in the tucked position as properly as tear-off posts for rapid visor cleans. Like most vintage-appear helmets, it really is light on ventilation and features but heavy on good quality components like leather and suede. Best known as the helmets that lots of adventure touring motorcycle riders and police officers put on. A modular helmet seeks to bridge the gap among the security of a complete-face helmet and the convenience of an open-face helmet . This is carried out by allowing a rigid chin bar to lift up at the push of a button. This tends to make it uncomplicated to get some air when you’re stopped or to speak to someone devoid of needing a communication device.

You may possibly want to attempt numerous kinds of motorcycle helmets just before selecting the finest a single for your head shape and riding style, as it is a essential piece of riding gear. We know that what could not fit a single of us, may fit a different group member much better, meaning that this best road bike helmets purchasers guide have depth and breadth in terms of suggestions. Where we’ve been in a position to hyperlink to a critique, it signifies that we’ve put the head protection by way of its paces.

Bandannas can also add volume to your hair by keeping it stacked—volume is the antithesis to flatness. Put on a helmet with adequate space to let your hair move and breathe. Just treat your hair with some light product, throw a bandanna amongst your hair and your tough shell, and restyle your doo in the rearview mirror when you get exactly where you are going. I do not constantly have access to a car or truck, but when I do, I pick out the choice that makes the most sense for the scenario at hand.

It may well match improved, look better, and in some situations may possibly even be much more protective. For an alternate view that agrees with the suppliers, check out the helmet FAQ of the Snell Foundation. Snell knows a lot about helmets and their views on this topic need to not be dismissed lightly, even though we disagree with them.

Though this isn’t almost as preferred of a choose compared to the rest of the helmets listed here, it has a unique graphic design as nicely as a additional distinctive aerodynamic style. The shell is created out of higher-pressure thermoplastic technology that can withstand heavy abrasions and impacts. These thermoplastics do much more than adequate to keep you protected, especially with this a single obtaining the standard approvals that it has.

Larger-finish motorcycle helmets could combine denser foam with additional collapsible foam. This way, the less dense foam will collapse if the effect is moderate, and the denser foam will not collapse also substantially if the impact is challenging. When it comes to buying for motorcycle helmets, there are numerous choices and extras that are worthy of consideration. In order to be effective, a bike helmet need to be properly sized to your head.

If the Viking 3350 have been much less high-priced, we would have picked it as the very best bargain qualified helmet. Weld Guru’s rating is dertmined by a assortment of things including features, overall performance, independant research and genuine user ratings. Magnetic lens transform systems are wonderful until you shed a lens in a particularly violent tomahawk. SPY+ promises the Marauder, its very first goggle with a magnetic lens, won’t let you down in that situation.

In the US, each and every helmet design and style will have to pass the CPSC’s crash tests, and there will be a sticker on the inside of each helmet created of that model if it passes. Absolutely nothing can be sold that hasn’t passed, so you ought to be in a position to stroll into any shop in the US and know that any helmet on the shelves will be CPSC-certified. If there is no way to vet irrespective of whether the helmet has been certified, stay away from it. Meanwhile, industrial designer Shiffer told me a disturbing story about her helmet, which relies upon a patented honeycomb structure to safeguard against impact. The dilemma is, not all honeycomb shapes can withstand force. “A Chinese business did a bunch of knock-offs, and they were non-functional.

Organics Meals And Yard Waste City Of Iowa City

The very first step in recycling meals waste is for waste haulers to collect meals waste that has been placed in separate bins by their shoppers. Loads of meals waste are delivered to our Puente Hills Materials Recovery Facility in Whittier. At PHMRF, the meals waste is loaded into specialized gear that removes contaminants like plastic bags and forks and then blends the food waste into a slurry. With eight years left to attain targets 1, 2, and three of Sustainable Development Purpose 12 , there is an urgent need to have to accelerate action to minimize meals loss and waste.

Household items that are flammable, toxic, corrosive, or reactive can pose a dangerous threat or damage the environment when disposed of improperly. As talked about below, the new refuse contract calls for a absolutely free 96 gallon cart for each property. New property owner’s please note the “toter service” as it calls for new residences to be issued a cart. Welcome to Taylor Garbage Service, the Southern Tier’s friendly, neighborhood waste disposal enterprise considering the fact that 1978.

The exceptions are places like New York City that need to transport trash lengthy distances. The very first priority is to stay away from producing waste by decreasing consumption and packaging. The next ideal alternative is to recycle composting organic waste comes subsequent. This is followed by combusting the post-recycled waste for power and then finally, landfilling. Some jurisdictions could use split containers or additional containers in three-container and two-container collection services to further separate organic supplies. In a 3-container technique, residents and corporations need to separate organic waste, standard recyclables, and items to be landfilled.

Governments can stay away from penalties by self-reporting to the state by March if they don’t have applications in location and outlining plans for starting them. Cities that refuse to comply could at some point be fined up to $10,000 a day. Students discard their uneaten lunch into a food waste can at an elementary college in Connecticut. Food waste can be collected or dropped off at their processing web page.

Farms can evaluate food losses through processing, distribution, and storage and adopt best practices. Farmers markets can sell “ugly” make, which are discarded, misshapen fruits and vegetables that do not meet the usual requirements for appearance. Farms can sell fresh but unmarketable generate to meals banks at a lowered rate.

We ask all residents to participate in functioning towards this aim. Properties paying the “Solid Waste” charge on their monthly bills are eligible to use the Christmas tree drop-off websites. City of Marquette residents are invited and encouraged to participate in the neighborhood wide “Trash to Treasure Weekend” Friday, September 9, 2022 via Sunday, September 11, 2022. The volume from each property is limited to one pickup load, a pile approx. If you have rubbish from a construction project or simply because you are moving out, you should use a dumpster. You are accountable for choosing up any waste that blows out of your waste container/bag or was disturbed by an animal.

All refuse placed curbside for pickup have to be in city approved prepaid bags or carts. Authorized bags are out there at the Waste Management’s office and at significant region retailers. A prepaid bag may perhaps be placed in a covered garbage can for pickup, offered all refuse is contained by the prepaid bag and the bag is tied. All bags shall be tied and every filled bag shall not exceed 30 lbs. The property owner is accountable for harm to bags resulting from dogs, cats, rodents, birds, and so forth. Any garbage or recycling placed on major of a snowbank will not be collected.

For lots of livestock, poultry, and sustainable and alternative agriculture operations, compost and composting may perhaps be the very best option as nicely as opportunity for added revenue. It would also cut greenhouse gas emissions, save water and cropland, make jobs, and recover billions of meals for these in require. ReFED is driving this effect by empowering innovators and shepherding the capital required to assist scale options, with a suite of most effective-in-class resources and services.

RWU also collects and distributes toiletries and cleaning products from hotels and other lodging facilities. Meals Rescue US Food Rescue US recovers and distributes fresh foods from supermarkets as effectively as surplus meals from restaurant kitchens. In the previous, gamers would sit and a single of the businesses’ rooms would be filled with tables for eating.

The dumpsters are utilized for snow plowing, which requires priority over dumpster rental. The City does not permit much more than 1 City dumpster to be placed at your residence on the similar day. We added support for Background Mode, so now all you have to do is commence a Rubbish Run and put your phone in your pocket, and your teammates will be notified what streets you cleaned. This is the American English definition of rubbish.View British English definition of rubbish.

The total MSW recycled was far more than 69 million tons, with paper and paperboard accounting for roughly 67 percent of that quantity. Metals comprised about 13 %, when glass, plastic and wood made up involving 4 and 5 percent. In 2018, two.7 million tons of chosen customer electronics were generated, representing much less than 1 % of MSW generation. Chosen customer electronics involve items such as TVs, VCRs, DVD players, video cameras, stereo systems, telephones and computer system equipment. As the state appears to substantially lessen disposal volumes in the coming years, the shift is prompting new questions about the waste industry’s operating model.

The life-cycle begins with the design and style, then proceeds by way of manufacture, distribution, and key use and then follows through the waste hierarchy’s stages of lessen, reuse and recycle. Each and every stage in the life-cycle delivers opportunities for policy intervention, to rethink the will need for the product, to redesign to lessen waste possible, to extend its use. Product life-cycle evaluation is a way to optimize the use of the world’s limited sources by avoiding the unnecessary generation of waste. Wastewater remedy facilities take away pollutants and contaminants physically and chemically to clean water to be returned to society. The South Gippsland Water organization breaks down the 3 methods of waste-water therapy.

10.) Leaves must be placed in paper yard waste bags except in the fall of the year, when they must be placed on the treelawn for vacuum collection. Waste collection expenses are distributed additional relatively among the population and in proportion to the quantity of waste every single household generates because click here for info residents spend for only the quantity of trash that they generate. Households generating much less trash pay significantly less than households that produce much more. Other trash will only be picked up if placed in official Town of Ashland bags.

What A Pain In The Head: There Are A Lot More Than 150 Sorts Of Headaches

He seems to be in superior physical overall health with very good grooming, despite the fact that he is somewhat reluctant in the course of the psychiatric interview. He reports that he has been living with his wife and kid, and he performs at a restaurant. He has teenaged young children who do not live with him, but he reportedly has a great connection with them. It is greatest to go to bed and wake up at the same time each and every day.

Aspirin is normally prescribed by doctors immediately after a stroke without the need of bleeding and can prevent a different stroke. Taking aspirin for undiagnosed severe headache might be harmful. The severe headache could come from a bleeding stroke and taking aspirin might make the bleeding worse. When you have no really serious symptoms, testing is not vital with mild headaches. Blood tests are ordinarily not beneficial for the reason that the results are practically constantly regular unless other symptoms are present. With no injury, X-rays or CT scans are normally not needed.

Verapamil , a calcium channel blocker, may possibly also be employed preventively for cluster headache. You are more than 50 and having chronic headaches or a new kind of headache. Being older than 50 when you create headache puts you in a greater threat category for specific sorts of secondary headache, according to study. Your headaches are obtaining worse, not superior, with time and treatment. This may perhaps signal that you need to have additional tests to make sure you are properly diagnosed and on the appropriate drugs, says Dr. Kumar.

This is a process in which a compact amount of blood is taken from your physique and injected back into your epidural space. It can support cease cerebrospinal fluid from leaking, stopping the headaches. They are also a lot more typical with medicines that include caffeine. Several of us are familiar with some form of a headache’s throbbing, uncomfortable, and distracting pain. Individuals who practical experience migraines could use a “rescue medication,” such as a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug or a migraine distinct rescue medication. A headache diary can support figure out what may well be causing your individual headache symptoms.

Some of these structures are inside the skull, or intracranial the remainder are in the tissues surrounding or covering the skull, or extracranial. Ask your doctor if taking vitamins or supplements such as magnesium, riboflavin or CoQ10 will assistance avert your variety of headache, or if you are worried that overuse of pain medicine is triggering your headache. Cluster headaches are headaches that come in groups separated by pain-cost-free periods of months or years. A patient may perhaps practical experience a headache on a every day basis for weeks or months and then be pain-free of charge for years. They typically start in adolescence but can extend into middle age.

It’s also preferred to attempt non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen, muscle relaxants, and triptans . There are numerous causes why you could expertise page headaches following your stroke. Some causes could be the same as just before your stroke, such as migraines, strain, or lack of sleep.

The headaches are generally sudden and severe and might be accompanied by watery eyes or a runny nose on the side of the headache. AFib is a frequent cardiac arrhythmia that can lead to critical complications if left untreated. AFib History on Apple Watch offers you notifications with an estimate of the percentage of time you invest in AFib. The Health app assists you handle life-style factors that may perhaps influence time in AFib, like sleep, exercise, and weight.

These are normally mild-moderate frontal place headaches. These headaches are cured fairly quickly by having nicely-hydrated and consuming. Normally placing some sugars in the physique with hydration will get rid of a fasting headache. A useful tip for your appointment is to hold a headache diary.

If you practical experience common, recurring headaches, you may well have what’s identified as chronic each day headache. This applies to folks who practical experience headaches at least 15 days each and every month. Headaches are typical — almost everyone experiences 1 just about every now and then. Though headaches can be uncomfortable, painful, and even debilitating, you generally don’t have to worry about them.

Nearby blood vessels constrict to reduce the loss of physique heat and then loosen up and permit the blood flow to enhance. Ice cream headache is additional typical in folks who have migraine. The discomfort stops once the physique adapts to the temperature transform.

Both the headache and the other situation want to be addressed and treated. Some of these conditions are hazardous , but these are extremely rare. Other frequent troubles that can result in secondary headaches include things like viral illnesses, depression, sleep deprivation, and caffeine withdrawal. If you believe you are suffering from cluster headaches, you should check out your medical professional for imaging to make positive there’s not an underlying situation. Though incredibly painful, cluster headaches on their own are not life-threatening.

What Is Really Like? Haddaway

Hallmark, Hollywood, and Nashville have all attempted to define really like, but the reality is that we each have our own definition of this shape-shifting idea. As the consciousness rises, really like is a by-item. Like transcends its definition from an emotion to infinite consciousness – Shivam. A Sanskrit definition of adore is Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram. It is our appreciate of possession or a individual that makes us jealous. Mother’s affection at eight months predicts emotional distress in adulthood.

Falling in enjoy is a thing that a lot of individuals vie for. Some persons believe about falling in like and possessing a long-term partnership from the time that they’re youngsters. With all of the data about adore and the media depiction of love, it is hard for some to identify what genuine enjoy is and what a healthier partnership appears like. If it is appreciate, you’ll likely have an internal, intuitive, and intrinsic feeling that it is really like you’re experiencing. You’ll really feel it each in your mind and your heart. It’s not often topsy turvy like it is in the films.

It really is going to make you a happier individual even if life isn’t often perfect. Having adore is considerably improved than not possessing enjoy. Time is in all probability the most worthwhile issue in your life. Absolutely everyone only has so much read full article time, and you want to be able to use yours wisely. When you’re given the choice on how to spend your cost-free time, it really is never ever going to be wasteful to spend it with the person that you genuinely enjoy. Real love is something that can add value to your life in a significant way.

But Jesus’ death for His beloved Bride the Church was no error. The Gospel is the story of the triumph of agape. Eros, when it is appropriately understood, is the gateway to agape. Romeo would in no way have had the likelihood to appreciate Juliet for her own sake if he had not initially felt a robust desire to have her for his own sake. It is also, the Pope teaches, the appreciate that transforms eros. Eros is not stripped of its value in the face of Christian agape.

I want to be with you in the course of both delighted and sad occasions. Simply because without happiness, sorrow is worthless, and happiness cannot be enjoyed to the fullest with out sorrow. I am fairly positive I loved you from the extremely moment I saw you. You have been merely unbelievable, and all I’ve ever yearned for was to be with you.

This is also apparent correct at the start off of the movie, as a severely aged Lin Ge appeared with Qiu Qian who is in her thirties. Although it makes the plot slightly predictable, the film is still enjoyable and makes you wonder what is going to occur which motivated Lin Ge to trade his years for Qiu Qian’s life. Primarily based on the preferred Chinese novella Wait Till Nothing at all Left by Zheng Zhi, Enjoy You Forever is a heart-warming romance story with an element of time-travel. Lin Ge (Lee Hong-chi) and Qiu Qian grew up together as playmates but due to situations, Qiu Qian had to move property.

Attuned to the black feminist thinker bell hooks on love and reparation, Primisi dares you to let go of your advertised definitions, power plays, and cynicism of appreciate. Control is a medley of breakdance, physical comedy, live music, film and bizarre humor. Fill in the kind below and we’ll speak to you to go over your studying alternatives and answer any concerns you may possibly have. But on the other hand it was truly fascinating just to study it….

Getting oneself abruptly enjoying little chat with your significantly less-than-pleasant coworker, or striking up conversations with your crabby neighbor? Your loved-up vibes could definitely be radiating beyond your partnership, notes Pomeranz. “Falling in love might correspond with modifications in attention–specifically folks in loving, committed relationships show much less interest to other viable partners,” she says. Along this very same vein, if you are falling in love, you have a tendency to experience a warm feeling when you feel about your substantial other, according to Kang. That might mean you cannot cease smiling, or you might notice that you normally really feel additional optimistic and hopeful.

I hit it off with one particular of them following being intrigued by the tattoo of Argentina on his ankle and we talked about travel, culture and languages amongst tequila shots and German bars. We both pushed our flights back to continue our travels and invest additional time with each and every other. We traveled to the beaches of Cascais, explored the gardens of Sintra and danced various nights away collectively in London. When experiencing a traveling fling, carpe diem — or seize the day — is key.

She was a different man’s wife, but when Paris, the “handsome, woman-mad” prince of Troy, saw Helen, the woman whom Aphrodite proclaimed the most gorgeous in the planet, he had to have her. Helen and Paris ran off together, setting in motion the decade-long Trojan War. According to myth, Helen was half-divine, the daughter of Queen Leda and the God Zeus, who transformed into a swan to seduce the queen.

For better or worse, Rust puts the energy in your hands. Rust was built to help program-level programmers who create low-level, byte-tweaking code. It presents access to the raw bits and expects programmers to use it.